Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tampa, Florida

I’m finally adding photos to our site…I’m far behind I know. The good news is that we’ve been taking loads of pictures. We’re just north of Tampa as we’re finishing our Calvert tests.

Yesterday was a highlight when we visited the Homosassas River on Florida’s west coast. We visited a state park which is just like a zoo of local wildlife including manatee, thousands of birds and fish, alligators, snakes, deer, and even a black bear. After that, Thom found a nearby swimming area where he and the boys ventured out. Guess what? They swam with 2 manatee! Two of the boys were in our red kayak to locate the manatee, and the others swam with these gentle, slow-moving mammals. They weigh close to 2000 lbs! Will said it was scary but really exciting to touch them underwater. These are memories of a lifetime!

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