Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee

April 15, 2009
Now we’re back to chilly weather where we wake up to 48 deg weather in the morning. Time to put away the shorts, and get out the long pants and sweatshirts! How strange when we were melting a week and a half ago in the Keys.

Cousin Tucker flew in from New York two days ago, and is spending his week-long spring break with us! Tucker is 10, and fits in with our boys like peas in a pod. We picked him up in Nashville, in the middle of a spectacular lightening storm. It was his first time flying solo, but he didn’t seem bothered by the storm nor fears of being alone. Robby, Will, Ben and Sam were excited to meet him at the airport, and have been playing with Tucker nonstop.

So now there are 7 Besches living in the motor coach! We try to wear the kids out during the day so they go right to sleep at bedtime. Yesterday we drove to Chattanooga where we explored Look Out Mountain. In 1863, Confederate soldiers tried to cut supplies to the Union soldiers in this Tennessee city. The Confederate generals watched from the towering Look Out Mtn. Union General Hooker was ordered to take the mountain, which was quite a mission. Union soldiers climbed the steep mountain while being shot at from above. In the end, the Confederates retreated and the Union took the mountain.

So Thom and the boys hiked up 1.5 miles to reach Point Park, while I drove! What an incredible view we experienced from the top, overlooking the winding Tennessee River through Chattanooga. Tucker’s never been to TN, so this Civil War introduction was educational. On our way down, we spotted a daring hang glider braving the strong winds up in the clouds. We then walked the streets of Chattanooga and had a yummy dinner of 6 different flavors of wings.

Today we headed south, and it was Tucker’s first time driving in our rig. At one point, we had 5 Besch boys in the back bedroom reading or playing their gameboys and DS’s. It was kind of amusing. I enjoyed sitting up in the Queen’s Throne, reading undisturbed. For the past few months, I usually worked with one of the boys on school while Thom drove.

Now we’re in Huntsville, AL to see many friends from Thom’s missile defense days. This is the headquarters. Also, Robby attended Space Camp here 3 years ago, so we hope to visit there as well.

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