Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramstein, Germany

How exciting this is! We’re on a flight to Ramstein, Germany. Now it’s truly becoming a world tour. We parked our motor coach at the RV park on Ft. Meade and tried catching a Space A military flight yesterday out of BWI (Baltimore). There weren’t enough seats available, so we returned to our RV, spent the night, had a full day of school today, and then returned in the evening to BWI. This time it worked. Two flights were going tonight to Germany, with close to 200 seats available. We heard them call “Besch” and off we went! We’re on World Airways, and it’s exactly like a commercial flight. The boys haven’t been on a flight in over 2 years. Sam especially was thrilled to try out the headsets, put his seat back, and was delighted when the flight attendant gave him a free activity pad with crayons! We’ll land at about 10am, German time. We hope to spend about 2 weeks in Europe, and then return to Baltimore. We all thanked Thom tonight for his 26 years of military service!


Tiki said...

Hello from the Levinsons, finally found where you were on the information superhighway. Looks great!

Busy Mom Of Four said...

Can't wait to hear about your European adventures on mine & Paul's old stomping grounds. We were married in Garmisch! We would drive from Baumholder to Ramstein to do our "big" shopping at their BX! You must do Switzerland!!! And have some Chocolate from every country you visit for me :-) Have FUN!!!!