Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where we've been... (updated 11/11/08)

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Lisa Bruggink-Weis said...

Hey there!
I've so far left you a voicemail and an email and now leaving a comment here just to cover all bases. We're so happy to see that you're finding decent places to stay and that you haven't been defeated by the chilly weather...it's cold here too but not as cold as NORTH of the alps...
If you need directions just say the word...and feel free to call at any time if your cell phone is working: outside of Switz. you dial +41788967371, inside the country )788967371
Otherwise emailing is perfect!
I'm so thankful you are in my life...Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Lisa

Lisa Bruggink-Weis said...

typed in my phone no. wrong for once you're in Switzerland:
here it is again 078.8967371
Take care and drive safely!